No, I’m not Lea.

thats not my name

Okay so rant incoming. I guess I should be used to it by now and I sort of am. It’s happened ever since I was a child. However, it does not get less annoying nor does it make me stop wonder how people can misspell it in some cases. My name is Leah. L E A H. It’s not Lea, or Leha {yes some has actually spelled it like that} and it’s not Leia either. Sometimes I get so fed up when people misspell my name. I think it to be fair to misspell it if they haven’t seen how my name is written. Because then YES it could be either way. But… Some people on Facebook even though they know me well, they misspell my name. I can’t help but to think how!? You can even see my name right there next to my tiny little photo. How… How do you manage not to give my name an H in the end? So many people actually forget it. It’s aggravating at times. I remember a scenario from when I was around thirteen or fourteen, we had gotten a new substitute and she wanted to learn all my names. When she came to me she asked me my name…

“I’m Leah” I answered.
“Oh, how do you spell that?”
“I’m Leah with an h”.
Ah right L-E-H-A”.
“What? No,no the h is in the end of the name,
else it would sound like Leha, and that is not what I said”.
Oh.. I see.. How peculiar

Over the years I’ve had same sort of encounters at random places. So yes I am used to it but when it happens on Facebook where you CAN actually see my correct name it just gets too much. Oh, I know some of you may find this whole name thing to be silly but trust me, if you have a name that can be spelled in different ways you’ll know what I’m on about. And if this is the case, have you ever been annoyed by it?


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