When feeling blue ~ Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 you can do it here. I love this place. It’s so peaceful to walk around at the aquarium. I especially loved the yellow fish, how cool and cute doesn’t it look? It was such a nice day with my mom and the best part is when you get to touch/pet random fish. If you ever come to Denmark please do go visit Denmark’s Aquarium especially before they move. The old place is full of beauty and lies in a wonderful part of Copenhagen. However, the new one they’re building is gonna be stunning too I’m sure.

Ej hvor var det bare en god dag med min mor. Hvis du ikke har været på dk’s akvarium endnu så gør det lige inden de flytter fra Charlottenlund itl Amager. Der er så hyggeligt plus man kan smutte på stranden lige bagefter 🙂


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