new moon twilight poster

I have to start with a AWEEESOOOOOOOMMEEEEE movie! I really adored it. My friend Mathilde and I went to see it the 19th of November, Yes one day before the official release date ;D There was a lot more action in New Moon compared to Twilight. I loved Twilight and still do no doubt about that but New Moon was amazing. Also getting to ‘know’ the wolf pack etc. was quite nice.

I also loved the jokes there was in the movie especially something Alice said to Jacob when she was in Bella’s house, (watch the movie!). Kristin Stewart is once again amazing and to see Taylor Lautner go from young teen boy to BUFFED man is.. well… Nice! They all did a great job I was also surprised to see Dakota Fanning, it looked nothing like her it was pretty cool. The new director did well, but did he do so well that it beats twilight?


I’d rate this movie: 6/6

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