Mr. Virus please leave my body

It’s been almost two weeks where I’ve been ill and I’m getting a little fed up with not having my regular voice and having massive cough fits. I went to see the doctor yesterday and he told me I had a virus so I just have to ‘wait it out’… Well gee thank you how very helpful x( But that’s what I gotta do. Thankfully he gave me some pills I can take before I sleep so I can actually get a full nights sleep without coughing. What I’m most worried about are my verbal exams. What if my voice decides to almost disappear again because of this silly virus? That would NOT be good. Anyway I am hoping for it to disappear soon meanwhile I will study and then relax in my couch with some good movies and tea! I hope you’ll all have a good, and healthy, weekend 😉

Outside my doctor’s office

I bought some raspberries on my way home from the doctor’s. They did not make it home
I ate them instantly lol!! they were so good


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