Monday mumbles

{ Oh my I look so unhappy! Ps. I’m dressed cause’ I thought I felt well enough for school, I was wrong }

❤ 01. I’m sick or well I’ve got cramps that have been killing me pretty much all weekend. I’m not sure why they are so excessive this time around. It’s been a while since I’ve actually been in that much pain because of it. I used to get real powerful cramps when I was younger but they have become better with time but now it feels like I’m fifteen again. I’m sitting here writing down my mumbles, drinking a cup of tea, waiting for the pills to kick in so I can go and try and sleep again. Word being try

❤ 02. I’ve got ONE week left of this course I’m on at the moment I can’t believe that time has gone by so fast! I’ve been so busy with all the homework we’ve gotten, it has been rather intense but I’ve really liked it at the same time, { I’m gonna go through the work for today later when I feel a bit better. } Next week I’ll have an oral exam and the week after that I’ll have a written exam. It’s actually the 19th of August that I’ll have to be at the written exam which is the last day of the Fresher’s trip. I’m not sure how it’s gonna work but I guess I’ll have to go home the day before!

❤ 03. Getting in to the University feels freaking good! I just can’t describe how thankful I actually am for getting in to something in Copenhagen, I’m all smiles and jolly. { A part from the obvious pain I’m in from the cramps lol… } I have already accepted it, of course, and I chose a picture for my new student ID. I just realized that this means I need a lot of new notebooks I only have one left and I’m using it already for this course, and I need some new pencils and ooooiiiii! There’s a lot. Oh my… Well it is just minor things but still, it’s needed. And then there are books, I do wonder when I get the list of books that I need to buy. Oh well time will tell 😉

❤ 04. I’m looking forward for next weekend a lot and the weekend after that for that matter. This coming Friday a new aquentance and friend, Nadia, will come and crash and she’s bringing her computer. Oh yes people a girl-nerd-night! It’s gonna be super cozy. Then on Saturday my sweet baby sister is coming for movie night at my place. We’re gonna nom popcorn and watch disney movies, oh just my kind of night! { I love Disney movies } The weekend after that my friend ‘T’ will come and I can’t wait to see him 🙂


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