What I got for Chrismas

Hello! I hope you all made it through Christmas alive! My Christmas was very different this year. First of all I was pretty sick and I could barely hear anything, which made the night rather interesting. Secondly, we were about 25 people. That’s A LOT of people in my eyes, but it was really fun to try. It turned out to be a really good night. I wrote this post in Sweden at my boyfriends place. Originally I wanted to take ‘real’ photos but since I didn’t have a proper camera with me, I decided against it. One of my favorite things about Christmas is to give gifts, especially to children. Rich and I had bought these really huge Elsa doll for his niece, and when she opened it she looked so happy and excited! Basically my favorite moment of the night. I was also really lucky to receive wonderful presents from my family and friends. I picked out some of them to show below;

christmas presents 2014

 I am so HAPPY to have gotten all of the things! I also got clothes from H&M, rings from &Otherstories, some nail-polish, a cinema gift certificate, Argan Oil shampoo set from Organic world, bluetooth Iphone talking gloves (which will make me look crazy), and a lipstick + lip-pencil.

What did you guys get? If you’re a blogger do leave a link if you have a similar post 🙂


Håber alle er kommet igennem julen! Jeg havde en rigtig fin juleaften, selvom jeg var rimelig syg. Vi var virkelig mange mennesker, langt flere end jeg er vant til. Men det var en rigtig god aften alligevel. Ovenover har jeg vist og skrevet hvilke gaver jeg har fået i år, føler mig altså virkelig heldig! 

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