Monday Mumbles


 01Good morning everyone! You may have noticed that the website looks very different, that is (obviously) because my new design went live! I am SO happy with the result. I’m still working on a few details, and I’m having a map created as well. I can’t wait for the map to be implemented it’s such a fun feature/idea and I hope it’ll work out! My friend Matt, who is a web developer, has coded all of this for me – from scratch. I am so very thankful. The way this has worked; I basically come up with an idea, share it with him, and he brings it to life. Yay for teamwork!

 02. Exams have officially begun and I am currently working on one with my good friend Maiken. The administration has done such poor planning this semester when it comes to exams. So many are semi overlapping each other… *sigh*

 03. I literally had the BEST time in London with my mom. It was such a good trip! I can’t wait to go back there someday again. There’s already a few posts up from London and a few more will be coming up soon as well. I sort of had to divide it into more posts due to all the photos I wanted to share!

♥ 04. Richard is arriving a bit later today and I am really looking forward to spend a few days with him. It’s gonna be a while till we see each other again due to exams and other things. I won’t be done with exams til June 16th… So it’s gonna be well over a month till I see him again, which sucks noodles.

I wish you all a great week! x

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