Monday Mumbles

❤ 01. It’s been the most interesting couple of weeks. The intro stuff at CBS has been quite good and my new class is filled with kind people. Next week the real lectures and seminars begin! I’ve just read all the assignments for next week and I’m excited to begin! It’ll be interesting to see if I’d like it or not. I’m sure I will.

❤ 02. This weekend has been absolutely amazing. Friday was spend with Magnus who’s one of my oldest male friends. We went for dinner at Hard Rock Café. The initial plan was to go to a Caribbean place to eat but apparently it had closed or moved. I’m not sure which… Saturday was P’s Birthday get-to-gether. It was super cozy and we ended it with some food at a sharwama place. YUM! And Happy 23rd P Yesterday I was supposed to hang with DJ but unfortunately she caught the flu over the weekend 🙁 I miss her a lot but oh well next week then!

❤ 03. Last week I started at my new job at a library. It’s a really nice and quiet job. I just walk around with my audio book in my ear or some music and put the books in the right place. DJ actually got me the job for which I am so very grateful for.

❤ 04. Btw… I’ve got some big news coming soon. But I won’t spill the beans just yet. But it’s very exciting! Or well, at least for me haha. Have a great week all! I know mine will be absolutely amazing.


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