Twenty-two days of silence

I’ve been rather busy lately and this is photo sort of explains one of the reasons!
 I took this photo yesterday with my crappy camera on my phone when I was on my
way home from my first intro-day at UNI! { This is a part of my campus }
A part from me being busy with figuring things out with UNI I’ve had a couple of
exams to study for. I don’t know if you guys remember but I was doing an intense-turbo
course from mid july till mid august and I’ve just last Friday finished it.
I got the best grade ’12’ in the oral exam and I’m still waiting for the result for my
written exam. Ugh I’m a bit nervous. I hope I’ll get the answer soon!

I’ve also been hanging out with T and I’ve been a bit sick too. It was such a silly thing
that got me sick. I had a tiny piece of corn from some bread stuck in my throat, I could
actually see it with a flashlight and that had somehow infected my throat and I got
really swollen and I could hardly swallow let alone breathe, it was really uncomfortable.
It made my body shot down but after a couple of days with a lot of fruit, tea and sleep
I was back on track again! But darn’ I gotta learn to chew the bread properly..
This weekend I’ve also been to a get-together thing which I will
write more about tomorrow or the day after. I have another intro day at UNI
tomorrow, so I might be knackered when I get home. We’ll see!
Have a good night xx


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