Monday Mumbles

❤ 01. I figured a little photo of my red hair would be nice. This is also my new facebook picture so woo. I look rather unhappy or very serious in this picture but I wasn’t really when I took it haha. I’m so in love with my hair at the moment I need to buy some more dye. I rarely use permanent dye when I do it myself so this one will only last 4-6 weeks. I can’t get this color in Denmark which is a tad annoying… However I can get it in Sweden so I’ll just have to get it from there instead!

❤ 02. I officially had my first day at work two days ago. I got a job at “Fish Kiss Spa” in Copenhagen. I love it there. We had our opening day last Saturday {it’s a brand new spa} and it went really well. I will say it was a bit chaotic at first because we were missing a few things such as numbers on the chairs. But it all worked out well. I’ll be working pretty much all days this week so I get into the routine. After I will only be part time so I can continue with Uni as well.

❤ 03. Today is the day that all the universities in the country will send out their letters to all the applicants. Oh man I’m nervous and excited and also prepared for the “worst”. I don’t think I’ll sleep well tonight but after tomorrow I will.

❤ 04. I’ve decided to write a bit in Danish as well in my posts. So there will, in each post, be a danish version of the English version. If that makes sense? I decided to do this because I figured not all Danes like to read English and even though my blog will mainly be in the English vernacular I figured a little danish wouldn’t hurt.

Jeg har fået farvet mit hår rødt og jeg er SÅ glad for det. Dog kan man ikke få min farve i DK så jeg må til Sverige for at hapse den. Jeg er  lige begyndt på et nyt arbejde som ligger inde i Centrum. Det hedder Fish Kiss Spa, kom endelig forbi hvis i har lyst. Det er så lækkert at få behandling 🙂 Idag bliver der sendt brev ud fra cbs om, om jeg kommer ind eller ej. Gud hvor er jeg nervøs! Som i kan se er jeg begyndt at opsummere mine indlæg på dansk for alle jer skønne danskere også <3

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