Long time no writing

Hello lovelies!!
I can’t believe how fast time flies these days. Between all the writing I do at uni { because of exams } and all the hours at work I’ve had so little time to sit and blog. However, I still read a lot of blogs. So, how are you all? Getting excited for Christmas yet? I sure am. This year I’m celebrating it with my family so it’s a “real” Christmas and it’s gonna be SO good. I still need to buy a lot of presents though. Hmm… Gotta make time for that. I did however buy something for my baby sister from the Disney Store. Oh god the Disney store is my kind of wonderland! I want to work there haha, it feels so joyful. Have I mentioned I’m going to Disneyland Paris next year by the way? I’m so excited 😀 Anyway, have a nice day yall I’m gonna head to bed so I can go for a night shift at work xx


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