November, 2016.

Hiiii! It’s the middle of December and I am in the middle of exams, but I really wanted to share what I did in November before we are in January haha. My friend Peter who moved to Odense a few months ago (Boooo I miss you) was in Copenhagen and we met up for lunch. I also spent a lovely weekend with Matt, met up with my Bae Maiken for dinner, went to black Friday to buy some Christmas presents and attended two family gatherings. I also had my kitchen floor redone – suuuuper chuffed about that. #feelingold

Here’s a glimpse of my month ?

Met my boo Peter for lunch

I had a sandwich!

With Matt in the city centre

I made some Danish “Smørrebrød” for lunch for Matt and I

Here is my floor with the first layer of cement. It turned out it needed quite a few coatings…

Dinner with my Bae <3

Palæo burger, yum!

On my way to ‘cat-sit’ for my Bae. This Christmas bus made me smile a lot 🙂

My lunch when I ventured out to a mall on Black Friday

I went to my mom’s cousin’s 50th Birthday

Far right: The Birthday ‘boy’

Went to the annual cozy christmas day with my family on my grandfather’s side. (Æbleskiver are the best)

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