August, 2016.

The first week of August I got really sick (with the flu) and it was also the week I had exams. I was stresseed AF to say the least, and as I had a written sit-in exam I also had a temperature of 39 I was very tired that day. I was so scared that I would fail, but I pulled through and I even got some nice grades. At the end of that week I went to England to finally relax and hang out with Matt. It was a much needed vacation. I really needed that. Anyway, I didn’t do that many things other than being sick and travelling to the UK 😛  Here are a few photos from August (I will put together a post with more photos from my vacation in England soon)


Flying to England


I went to a flower faire thingy with Matt and his family


Matt and I spent a day exploring a bit


One of the places we stopped was in a small town with an awesome cake shop!


Italian tapas <3


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