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If you don’t know what to watch on your summer holiday, or summer evenings, let me suggest this series “13 reasons why“. It’s a show aimed at young adults, but honestly, you can watch it at any age. It is entertaining from beginning to end, and I think the story really shook the world, as it is a subject that is rather touchy.

General Information

Cast: Katherine Langford, Dylan Minette & more
Director: Tom McCarthy (and more..)
Duration: About 55 minutes pr. episode
Watch it here: Netflix 

So what is 13 Reasons Why about?

The story is about Hannah Baker, a high school student at Liberty High School, who  shortly before the beginning of the series committed suicide. We then meet Clay, who was somewhat infatuated with Hannah. One morning when Clay comes home from school, he finds a package waiting for him. He opens the package and finds a box of cassette tapes.  They are from Hannah. And she wants him to listen to all of them, if he wants to understand why she decided to take her own life. And so the story unfolds.

Watch it if

You want to learn a bit more about depression, suicide and the effect social media can have on young adults and teenagers. I grew up without social media, “all” we had in my early teens were emails, msn messenger, and other ‘chat’ rooms. We didn’t have Instagram, or Snapchat – and I can truly understand that in some cases it can be really hard to navigate through all that. Especially because bullies can now hide behind a screen and be everywhere, all the time. Anyway, I think it’s an interesting subject and if you do too – you’ll like this show.


I’d rate this: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 8/10


What do you think about 13 Reasons why? 

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