Instaupdates #01


Somewhere in Sweden || strawberry macaroon || somewhere in Sweden #2 || coffee date with Peter | delicious dessert | my sister Ida posing lol || Ida again || selfie || yet another selfie || Herring || my baby sister Sarah at Denmark’s National Aquarium || Nemo! || inside “amazonas” || Sweden is just on the other side of the ocean.

I decided to share some instagram photos since I don’t have a sidebar that shares them anymore.  I have never done this before so I hope you’ll like it. I figured I’d continue doing this once in a while when I feel like it’s time to share a little. I won’t be sharing all photos obviously but if you would like to see more then please have a look at my instagram @leahsephira. These photos are all from April. If you have an instagram profile write your name in a comment below and I’d love to go have a look and maybe throw a few “hearts” your way. Happy Sunday!

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