If Money Was No Object wishlist 2

1. The Guerlain L’or primer has been on my wishlist ever since I first tried it in January. 2. My hand mixer has started to be a bit funky, this one from Kitchenaid seems like a perfect replacement. 3. I would really like this crossbody Adax bag for travelling, its the perfect size for walking around for hours! 4. I really want to try this Artis brush (I’d like to try all of their brushes to be honest). 5. I don’t have much left of my L’impératrice perfume from D&G I’d love a refill. 6. Another brush I would love to try, why is it so expensive though!? 7. This mirror seems like any skincare and makeup lovers best friend.

I made my first If money was no object wishlist last year. And although some of those wishes are still on my radar I just had to put another together. Like I’ve said before; Most of the wishes may not come true but one can always dream ?




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