Hello New blog design

I have finally gotten a new design and I couldn’t be happier. It has taken me years, literally, to find something I could be satisfied with. And it drove me slightly insane because it made me want to blog less, if that make sense? As much as I did and still do like my old design I had grown very tired of it. This design has brought me very back to basic where it all started. Simplicity is a key word and it is something I hold dear when it comes to designs. I will be working on getting another header up but for now I am pretty satisfied with it all.

Besides I will probably be changing my header every so often as the seasons change. I have debated whether or not to use a photo which I have always done but I think I will start out with a simple text. My name. I hope you like the new design! How about you? Do you ever get fed up with your blog design?

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