Day 04: Someone or something you miss

To be quite frank I’m not sure what to ‘pick’. There’s a lot of people I miss and there’s a lot of things I miss as well. Some examples could be my entire family or well half of it. I’m half Ecuadorian so naturally a huge part of my family lives in Ecuador. I miss my danish grandfather who died in 2007 a lot too. I miss the best burger in the entire world haha which is from a restaurant named Rusty’s, oh god it can make me drool just to think of it!!  I miss my brush which my mother somehow lost a year ago. I know it’s weird to miss a brush but it had a lot of sentimental value for me! I miss some certain friends and I admittedly miss my ex sometimes too. But I do really have to pick one and just one and I think what I miss the most is Ecuador and why is that? Well I felt so good when I was there but I didn’t realize it until later… If that makes any sense?


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