Happy New Year!


I can’t believe we’re just a few hours away from the beginning of 2015! (Not that it’s suprising that a new year has come haha. But ya know what I mean). I have had such an interesting year, with a lot of ups and downs. It went by rather fast, faster than I always expect really. As a kid, I never understood when my mom or grandma’ would say that “time goes by so fast”… I used to feel like a year felt like forever, especially December. Christmas and New Years Eve couldn’t come fast enough.  I understand it now though.

Tonight it’s Richard, me, two very delicious steaks, salad, cream potatoes, cake and champagne. It’ll be super cozy. I’m still sick. I’ve been sick since a few days before Christmas. It really kicked in on the 25th, so I ended up heading to the doctor here in Stockholm. Oh well! I feel better now but I’m still not all that well. It’s gonna be a cozy evening! It’s actually our third Christmas and New Years together – many more to come!

I wish you all a wonderful evening and that you all get a good start into the new year.

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