Getting the best treatment at your doctor’s office

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Living in Denmark means being fortunate enough to having easy access to free medical care and doctor visits whenever I need it. However, it does not necessarily mean you always get good treatment/care. As it is with anything that involves people things vary a lot. All doctors are different and I have heard both good and bad stories from friends and family.

Thankfully I have only have good experiences with my personal/family physician. She’s honestly so nice and always very good at explaining things to me – so are the other doctors in the facility for that matter (there are four). However, I have had an unhappy experience with a gynaecologist a few years back and I really wish I, at the time, had been informed enough to know my options (in short he misdiagnosed something). I would have never gone to this doctor in the first place, but my regular gynaecologist was on vacation and I was impatient!

The point is you are in your right to get the best treatment – always! No matter if it is a privat doctor or public. It can of course be hard to know what to do when you’re sat in front of your doctor, but here are my advice on how to get the best treatment.

Getting the best treatment at your doctor’s

  1. Seek information before the visit
    Before going to the doctor make sure you research what kind of things you need to know, or would like to know about. I sometimes write them down in ‘Notes’ on my phone.
  2. Ask questions
    Remember that you can always ask questions, I mean that’s what they are there for. If they explain ‘A’ but you don’t understand it, just ask about it so you don’t leave with even more questions on your mind.
  3. It’s okay to disagree with your doctor
    If you do not agree with what your are prescribed or recommended, don’t be scared of speaking up! As a patient you have knowledge of YOUR life and what you would prefer and feel comfortable with. Remember your knowledge can actually help the doctor choose a treatment/solution that fits your life as best as possible.
  4. Bring a friend with you
    Sometimes if you are really sick, it can be hard to think clearly and you might forget what to ask your doctor. If you bring a friend or loved one, you can talk to them prior going to see the doctor and share your concerns and questions with them. Then they will remind you what to ask, or simply ask for you.
  5. Get a second opinion
    This is one for myself to remember (flashback to the gyno). If you are in doubt if the doctor has diagnosed you correctly, you can always get another opinion. Doctors are humans too and we all make mistakes.


Do you have any suggestions to add to the list?

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