Day 05: Put your play list on shuffle..

I realized that on the 30 day challenge somehow were two ‘day 04’… But I’m just gonna ignore the other of them and do that separately another time! Okay so I put my play-list on shuffle for day 05 and here is what came up;

  1. Mercedes Sosa – Gracias A la vida
  2. Yolanda be cool ft. Dcup – We no speak americano
  3. Shontelle – Impossible
  4. The Dubliners – Whiskey in a jar
  5. Madonna – Get into the groove
  6. Mika Nakashima – Yoki no hana
  7. Alanis Morisette – Everything
  8. Robbie Williams – Beyond the sea
  9. Enrique Iglesias – Bailamos
  10. Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse of the heart  


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