Bellevue In The Winter


Denmark, if you didn’t know, is surrounded by water and as such we have many beaches, over 200 in fact. One of these are named Bellevue which in french means beautiful view. And that’s exactly what this place is; a beautiful view. My friend Dj and I went to Bellevue and Dyrehaven late last year and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful places near Copenhagen. I’m definitely going to make it an annual thing to visit this place during winter because although it’s a beach and is ‘supposed’ to be enjoyed during summer, it’s just as beautiful when it’s winter.

One of the best part about this place is definitely how peaceful it is (off season). During summer this beach is usually packed with people, but when it’s cold not that many dare to jump in the sea, including me! It’s simply too cold for me to enjoy it. It’s also really easy to get to this beach with public transportation. You can take the S-tog (which is the city trains) to Klampenborg station and then walk for five minutes. If you have a car you can park it nearby and if you are on a bike you must prepare for a 10km ride from the Copenhagen city center. However, you can also bring a bike in the S-train and then bike around in Dyrehaven after.

Strandvejen 340 (MAP)
S-tog ‘C’ or Bus 1A to Klampenborg

Beautiful Ditte (DJ)

During the summer you can buy ice-cream and such here

Pictures of people taking pictures of people

This view though…

When you want that perfect shot!

Here I am with a smile on my face enjoying the ice cold wind. (DJ took the photos of me.)




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