An ordinary Wednesday?

So last year I got off school at 2pm each Wednesday now it seems like I’ll get off at 11.50 am, well I did today but I’ll find out next week if it will continue like that. I really hope it will, how amazing isn’t it to get home that early? Then I can use this day for practical stuff like grocery shopping, appointments and such! Which reminds me I need to call my hairdresser and make an appointment I’m getting my fringe back, I miss it!

So today I had planned to go out for lunch alone and read the book we study in English class. But what life sure has taught me is that ‘PLANS CHANGE’ all the time and so they did today (:  I went to lunch with my dad instead and whilst  I was waiting for him to meet me I went into a music/movie store  :3 Did I buy some DVD’s? Yes… I always end up buying some if I go into that store but hey these were on sale so it’s okay right? Then after lunch my dad bought me a hand-blender!!! Which made me really happy. I do however have a regular blender as well but a hand-blender is just so much more convenient sometimes and takes much less space. We went to a “Health and Herb store” that is close to where he lives and he was apparently a regular since they just instantly recognized him but what caught my eye or well my ear was the fact that they spoke Spanish! So I got to speak some Spanish today which is always interesting ^^ @ the store I bought some way too expensive olive-spread kinda thing? Looks delicious! I also got some bean pâté and some licorice & cinnamon tea.

From left: Charlottes Web, The Heartbreak Kid, It’s Complicated & Los Abrozos Rotos


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