All up in there

Well hello there! Has it been quiet lately? Yes, yes it has. There are so many reasons for that but mostly it’s been due to my four exams. However, I have vacation from UNI now. I hope all of you’ve had a joyful Christmas and a happy new year! I sure did. I’m actually working on a movie that’ll sum up 2011 for me. Not sure when I’ll get it done… Especially since my main computer is sort of dead. I have my laptop (thank god) but I usually blog on my other computer because I keep most files there whereas my laptop is for school work. I’ve really missed blogging, I can feel that as I’m writing right now. With that said, I will be writing more in the future. But now I’m gonna sit in my couch with my blanket { I’m sick } and my blueberry-banana-apple smoothie and watch Brother Bear! Happy Saturday guys šŸ˜€


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