Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. Ugh. Lectures started last Monday and the first thing I did when I came home was to take a nap. I felt so exhausted lol. I’m not sure what I think about this semester. I feel like I only really like one course which is Managerial Economics { who would’ve thought!?!?}. Of course it may backfire BIG TIME and turn out to be horrid but I’m staying positive! It’s not like I dislike the other courses they just seem a bit dull. .

❤ 02. The trip to Aarhus was fun! I quite liked the museum especially the art on the roof of the museum which I intend to show y’all in another post. Plus a very nice Lunch at Cafe Viggo.

❤ 03. February has begun and to be honest I’d like the snow to kindly leave the premises now. Spring is just around the corner and I think we all could use some flowers everywhere and “brighter” times. On a more positive note; Have you noticed that our days are longer? i.e. the sun likes us a bit more now. yay!

❤ 04. The photo above is from December when I had red’ish hair. And even though I miss my red hair I’ve convinced myself that I’ll try not to dye it this year. Right now I have my natural dark brown hair and I just want to give my hair a break. I know it’ll be hard because I dye my hair quite frequently but I’ll try. Now, off to school!


Have a nice week filled with lots of naps!!


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