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Last Tuesday which was two days ago I met up with my mom cause she had some Christmas Calendar Presents for me. It’s basically like advent presents? Well it’s something I used to get when I was younger but when I was a teen then she started to give me advent presents instead cause that’s easier to wrap in I think, instead of 24 presents : D  And this year I get Calendar presents which means I get a small gift everyday till’ the 24th of December. I love danish traditions! And I’m so happy that my mom wanted to give me this, this year. It sure puts a smile on my face. Today it’s the 2nd of December which means I’ve opened two gifts so far. The first was some really pretty silver platter thingies for candles! And today I got two very cute gold heart hairpins. Thank you mommy <3

My mom and I went to a nice coffee/tea bar called Baresso it’s a really good chain here in Denmark and they have everything tea and coffee wise there. I got my favorite which is a chai tea ;x  I love the taste! I think I have a thing for most cinnamon tasting things. I also went by a store before I met up with my mom. I found the CUTEST fingerless gloves ever. My godmother has a pair in ash-grey and she told me where to get them thus I went by the store. They had three different colors and I really liked two of them :@  So I bought them both haha! I love them. I got myself the one in ash-grey and one in a brown’ish color. Next week I’ll try and go out and get all my Christmas-present shopping done.

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