My Sister’s Confirmation – Part Two



After the ceremony in church (see part one here), we went to Damhuskroen which is an Inn or pub of sorts where you can hosts events. Only half of Sarah’s family was at the church due to limited seating, so the rest of the family showed up at the party. It’s usually like that in Danish churches because a lot of them aren’t that big and every teen needs space for their family. Anyway, the room was beautiful and the food was really good. My sister had picked all the food herself and boy did she make some good choices! My stepmom had hired a musician, and he was really good. It was a cozy evening and I hope my sister had the best of times.

Small K-Beauty Giveaway


A ‘Skin Soothing’ + ‘Skin Purifying’ mask

Because Tony Moly just launched in Denmark I figured it would be fun to make a little giveaway. Yesterday I talked (reviewed) about the products I picked up from Sephora, and some of the products were sheet masks. I have tried one of the masks and I really, really like it. So I thought it would be fun to give two masks to one of my readers to try. ?

My Sister’s Confirmation – Part One



Friday the 22nd of April was such a big day for my little sister. I can’t believe she’s had her confirmation now and that she’s turning 14 in a few months. I love that she had her confirmation in the same church as I did many years ago. It’s such a beautiful little church. The ceremony was quite good, and I loved the ending (see photos below), it was a really cool idea. The church was completely packed, the weather was beautiful and my sister looked stunning!

K-Beauty: Tony Moly



Two days ago I had a meeting with one of my teachers, and I decided to go hunt for some K-beauty products afterwards. I have seen Tony Moly mentioned here and there, the last place I heard about it was from a danish beauty blogger EvaK who mentioned that they’re finally available in Sephora Denmark (ps. if you’re danish and you like makeup I’d recommend you to follow her blog). So I went to Sephora and picked up a few items. I am very excited to use them some more and test them properly. I’ve tried all of the products mentioned here at least once, but we all know once is not enough to know if they really work – but it is enough to know if you like it, or not.


March, 2016.

March has been a good and a bad month. I haven’t gotten as much done on my bachelor thesis as I wanted, but I have done some work and every little bit counts. It’s slowly coming together at least. On the movie front I actually went to the cinema four times this month! I saw Brooklyn, Zootropolis, How To Be Single and Batman v Superman. Four very different movies. The best one out of the three of them would definitely be Brooklyn (see my ‘Last seen in the cinema post‘). March was also the month I decided to get new tires for my bike, my old ones were completely broken, which is fair enough since my bike is 9-10 years old. Now it’s as good as new. On the beauty front I picked up Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation and I really love its coverage. Definitely a new favorite!


My sister and I waited for the movie to start :3


If Money Was No Object wishlist 2

1. The Guerlain L’or primer has been on my wishlist ever since I first tried it in January. 2. My hand mixer has started to be a bit funky, this one from Kitchenaid seems like a perfect replacement. 3. I would really like this crossbody Adax bag for travelling, its the perfect size for walking around for hours! 4. I really want to try this Artis brush (I’d like to try all of their brushes to be honest). 5. I don’t have much left of my L’impératrice perfume from D&G I’d love a refill. 6. Another brush I would love to try, why is it so expensive though!? 7. This mirror seems like any skincare and makeup lovers best friend.

I made my first If money was no object wishlist last year. And although some of those wishes are still on my radar I just had to put another together. Like I’ve said before; Most of the wishes may not come true but one can always dream ?