…Cocktails and junkfood

I passed Managerial Economics! 
Third semester completed.


Last Wednesday I passed my exam in Managerial Economics. I haven’t felt this relieved in I don’t-know-how-long. It’s not a secret that I’ve had a hard time dealing with the mathematical part of the class – the strategy part of it all was fine. But man alive I dislike math… Anyway, I passed and the day after Richard came around and we went out to celebrate! He knew how much I had been dreading that exam and how much it meant passing it! We went to one of our favorite places (because their cocktails are booming awesome) and stayed for quite a few hours. Just what I needed! Thank you love 


Side note… Strawberry Mojitos are DELICIOUS!


I’ve actually felt slightly productive (at least creatively) on this Sunday. I got up fairly early, made some breakfast and prepared some for my exam on Friday. Then I did my weekly cleaning of the apartment and since this afternoon till now (10:00 pm) I’ve been working on ideas for a new blog design. I really do hope these ideas will come to life! Oh…I also drank tea.


Man this mug looks massive!

An Urban Decay Splurge


I was lucky enough to get two Naked3 Palettes for Christmas. I decided to return one of them and buy some other products for its worth (I also had a few other duplicates to return). I knew I wanted a new foundation and a new black eyeliner. I ended up buying four products in total… 

My December in photos…

IMG_6283 IMG_6285 IMG_6318 IMG_6329 IMG_6379 IMG_6386 IMG_6445 IMG_6486 IMG_6521 IMG_6557 IMG_5808IMG_6638 IMG_5742 IMG_5777 IMG_5789 IMG_5801 IMG_5820

I spent my December writing exams, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows, supported a children’s foundation by buying a balloon, going to family lunches, creating Christmas decorations, played Uno with my sister, flew to Stockholm, ate good food, nurturing my curls and being sick. That was pretty much my December.