Well hello there! Has it been quiet lately? Yes, yes it has. There are so many reasons for that but mostly it’s been due to my four exams. However, I have vacation from UNI now. I hope all of you’ve had a joyful Christmas and a happy new year! I sure did. I’m actually working on a movie that’ll sum up 2011 for me. Not sure when I’ll get it done… Especially since my main computer is sort of dead. I have my laptop (thank god) but I usually blog on my other computer because I keep most files there whereas my laptop is for school work. I’ve really missed blogging, I can feel that as I’m writing right now. With that said, I will be writing more in the future. But now I’m gonna sit in my couch with my blanket { I’m sick } and my blueberry-banana-apple smoothie and watch Brother Bear! Happy Saturday guys 😀