Day 15: Write about a moment that made you cry

There are so many! LOL
But to write about one I guess it’s gonna be about something as simple as saying farewell to someone you love. It was at the airport last year in August when I had to say goodbye to my then boyfriend. I’m not one to cry in airports and I’m definitely not one to cry in public places but when we stood there holding each other we both teared up haha and I recall saying something like “Don’t start crying you’ll make me cry” and I did. We both cried. That was a moment that I somehow treasure and at the same time detest somewhat. What a cocktail of emotions!

Day:14 – A picture of what you ate today

Well my camera is out of battery so you won’t see what I ate today. I also think all I’m gonna have is soup tonight or some sandwiches. I’m not feeling up for cooking a lot today! Anyway I was stumbling through the ton of pictures I have on my computer and found one from a Gold wedding I attended last year. It was the first time I tried to eat a clam. I didn’t particularly enjoy it but I didn’t hate it either. It tasted like the sea and the texture of it was not likable ;P

My Week In Pictures ~ 01

Lunching with my dear grandmother. Finishing a good book at night in my bed. New Salad bowl and cutlery. My face as I head down to my mothers. My dear mother with her bike. Diva the lucky cat gets to drink from the tab. My darling cat Noah resting next to me.  A delicious bun from the pastry shop. My baby sister and stepmother eating sushi after a movie. My plate of sushi nom nom.

Day 13: Write about an embarressing moment


Actually quite recently I was walking home from school and there was ice on the sidewalk. It was quite breezy and when I saw a bus that I could take for two stops to avoid the cold wind I decided to run towards it. I shouldn’t have… I had been walking carefully on the ice but in the rush I forgot all about it and as it was down hill I was running I started to slide instead. Yes SLIDE I didn’t actually fall I somehow managed to keep the balance but I slid really far looking like a moron cause I was constantly about to fall. I made the bus and the bus driver made a ‘funny’ comment on my little dance on the street. I also noticed some other people on board the bus had seen my little stunt and had a huge grin on their face. I guess I would have laughed too if I didn’t feel rather dumb!  ;P

Day 12: Write about how you feel today

Well I feel good but a little confused. I really don’t know what to do after the exams this May/June are over. I think I would like to continue studying but I just have no clue what to study? I find it all a little confusing and overwhelming to have to figure out what you want to do with your life. I envy the ones who has always known what they wanted to do/be. But I think I’ll work for a while trying to figure out what I want to study. But I’m not certain yet. Maybe I’ll figure something out until then? Who knows! *shrugs*