Day 13: Write about an embarressing moment


Actually quite recently I was walking home from school and there was ice on the sidewalk. It was quite breezy and when I saw a bus that I could take for two stops to avoid the cold wind I decided to run towards it. I shouldn’t have… I had been walking carefully on the ice but in the rush I forgot all about it and as it was down hill I was running I started to slide instead. Yes SLIDE I didn’t actually fall I somehow managed to keep the balance but I slid really far looking like a moron cause I was constantly about to fall. I made the bus and the bus driver made a ‘funny’ comment on my little dance on the street. I also noticed some other people on board the bus had seen my little stunt and had a huge grin on their face. I guess I would have laughed too if I didn’t feel rather dumb!  ;P

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