Fun weird ‘band challenge’.

I saw this at Sententia’s blog and she encouraged people to do this so here goes! : D

    1. Go to and hit “random article”. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.


    1. Go to and hit “Random quotes”. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.


    1. Go to Flickr and click on “Explore” > ” The …last seven days”. Third picture no matter what it is, will be your album cover.


    1. Use photoshop or something similar (fx. to put it all together.


  1. Post it!


And here is my result from all this;

I don’t even know what to name this title.

[04-09-2010 15:04:54] #Spitty:
“I  would be compeltly lost without you bffs and you will never lose me, im promise that I dont believe for a second, not even a micro second that i would be better off without you. You’re such a huge part of my life now and youve made alot of the person i am right now today. So no i wont be better off without you and no im not going anywhere i dont care what you say you cant ever get rid of me.

I was gonna write a lot but I’m sure YOU know what I mean </3

Monday night’s dinner

It was supposed to be my lunch but I decided to make something else instead so… I’m having it now. It’s a chicken salad which are some left overs from yesterdays dinner. I’m gonna watch The Tourist whilst eating it I think. I’ve heard good and bad things about that movie so I guess I should see for myself! Oh and the bottle of Sparkletini is something that was left from new years. Figured it shouldn’t go to waste! Plus it tastes really delicious : D

In the end most people decide to trust only themselves

The world is filled with people who do ugly things. Why do they act this way?
Some lie to keep from losing what they love. Some lash out because they fear the future.
Some put up walls because they have regrets, yes everyone has a reason for the
ugly things they do. And once we find out why, then we can try to stop them.

Desperate Housewife Quote


{ Even Angels have their wicked schemes }

I looked through my blog and I realized that I haven’t shared that many feelings lately as I used to. I used to do that a lot more and well I’ve basically just blogged less and less and I have let out thoughts or well feelings somewhere else cause it’s something that sorta helps me. Don’t know if you can relate but sometimes it’s just nice to let words out of your head instead of letting them stay there ;P  Four days ago I let it out at this other place I sometimes write and it hit me that the reason I didn’t post much here anymore was because I was somehow scared I think? I’m not really sure what I was scared of at least that feeling is gone now. It’s my blog, it’s my feelings and it’s my place to get them out! So here’s some rambling for y’all

Yummy Cream Potatoes!

I promised my friend J to give his father the recipe for these so-called cream potatoes. So I figured why not make a blog post and share it with everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve made a recipe post anyway! Cream potatoes are, as the name kinda gives away, potatoes and cream, big surprise huh? This isn’t a very fat free dish but it is okay. It all comes down to what % cream you want to use and so on (:

What you need:
(For 2-4 people)

  • Large dish
  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees (Celsius)
  • 12-15 Potatoes
  • 1 small onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/4 liter cream
  • 1/2 liter Mornay Sauce
  • Salt and pepper

1. This is basically all you need!

2. Peel the potatoes!!

3. Cut the onions

4. Mix the Mornay Sauce and the cream together. I used a 9% cream and 14% Mornay Sauce.
Some prefer to use a cream with more % in it but I prefer this since it’s less fattening (;

5. Slice up the potatoes!

6. Put one “layer” of potatoes in the dish

7. Then put some of the onions on the first layer together with some garlic, salt and pepper!

8. Pour some of the mixed sauce on top of the potatoes and then repeat nr. 6 and 7 until
you run out of space in the dish or out of potatoes..

… And it is now ready to be placed in the oven for approximately one hour. It might
be less then an hour or more depending on the oven etc etc.

VOILA! It is done and ready to be served. I would recommend serving it along
with some sort of red meat like a good steak and then salad on the side!

I had chicken to my potatoes cause I really like chicken haha!