The sun isn’t even up

I am soooo not a morning person. If I had my way I would sleep to around nine everyday but unfortunately I have to get up at 07:15. I don’t think I’ll ever learn to feel fresh and dandy in the morning I’m just hoping my bowl of cereal might wake me a little even though I’m not hungry what so ever. Anyhow I wish you all a good morning

Only two months till’ Christmas!!!!

I’m looking so much forward to Christmas it’s gonna be great to spend it with Tricker again. We had fun in 2008 and I got good memories out of it. Looking forward for some more. His family is very sweet as well and it’s fun to have a different Christmas that has different traditions and food. I went by this store last week where they’ve already put up Christmas decorations and such. I bought some really cute candle thingies and I must go back for more at pay day hahah. Christmas things makes me so happy haha. I am really one of those girls who loveeeees Christmas time. It’s just the whole spirit around it that’s so joyful and some might say it’s a stressed time but it really is what you make of it!

Let me evolve with you

The Schultzes

I was looking at my cousins facebook and saw some of her friend’s wedding photos. They really caught my eye and I went to the photographers website. I am very smitten by their work maybe its because I love what they work with which as I can see is mostly weddings. I think most girls dream about one day to have their dream wedding come true it is no secret that I’m one of those girls! I’m not like Monica from friends who has a scrapbook of ideas but I do have some wishes, but they are all in my head and one day I hope they will come true.  The pictures The Schultzes take are all so beautiful and I decided to dedicate a blog-post to their work. All pictures are theirs from their blog which you can find here.

And to you girls out there, have you any wishes/dreams for when you one day get married if you even believe in marriage that is (: ?