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The Schultzes

I was looking at my cousins facebook and saw some of her friend’s wedding photos. They really caught my eye and I went to the photographers website. I am very smitten by their work maybe its because I love what they work with which as I can see is mostly weddings. I think most girls dream about one day to have their dream wedding come true it is no secret that I’m one of those girls! I’m not like Monica from friends who has a scrapbook of ideas but I do have some wishes, but they are all in my head and one day I hope they will come true.  The pictures The Schultzes take are all so beautiful and I decided to dedicate a blog-post to their work. All pictures are theirs from their blog which you can find here.

And to you girls out there, have you any wishes/dreams for when you one day get married if you even believe in marriage that is (: ?


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