new moon twilight poster

I have to start with a AWEEESOOOOOOOMMEEEEE movie! I really adored it. My friend Mathilde and I went to see it the 19th of November, Yes one day before the official release date ;D There was a lot more action in New Moon compared to Twilight. I loved Twilight and still do no doubt about that but New Moon was amazing. Also getting to ‘know’ the wolf pack etc. was quite nice.

I also loved the jokes there was in the movie especially something Alice said to Jacob when she was in Bella’s house, (watch the movie!). Kristin Stewart is once again amazing and to see Taylor Lautner go from young teen boy to BUFFED man is.. well… Nice! They all did a great job I was also surprised to see Dakota Fanning, it looked nothing like her it was pretty cool. The new director did well, but did he do so well that it beats twilight?


I’d rate this movie: 6/6


Leaf in autumn denmark^This picture is from today :]

I walked pass a tree a couple of days ago. A really big old tree.. All the leaves had fallen from it a part from one. I passed it first then I turned around and looked at that one leaf and I thought to myself.. ‘If this leaf falls I know its true, what I feared. If this leaf falls it will mean that I have fallen too‘. It would be nice to say that the leaf didn’t fall and that the universe would stop doing these weird things to me. That would all be very nice, its not how the universe is tho. Cause it did fell. It fell right in front of me. I just stared at it… and walked on.


WEEEEEE it has been an amazing night. My friend Mathilde and I went to a Twilight saga marathon in the biggest cinema, (it has room for 1200+ people), you can find in the Nordic countries ;D . Meaning we started off watching Twilight and then there was a 30 minute break where everyone got free pizza and drinks, there were also a contest where you could win some cellphones. Nor Mathilde or I won tho :<  After that we got to see “New Moon”. Oh god all the screams from the girls including myself haha. There was even A LOT of screams when we watched twilight, it was such a fun night. We also got some “goodie” bags. And I say “goodie” cause it wasn’t that special, it was much better when I was at SATC premiere or confessions of a Shopaholic. But then again what goods can you really get combined with the twilight saga? It’s not like they wear any special costumes. We got some candy, perfume, posters, etc. Just some minor things. The new movie was SO AWESOME by the way, I loved it. I liked the ending too, even though it ended very abruptly.

The movie also got me to think a lot of one thing. I guess its a personal thing but *SPOILER INC*, when Edward leaves Bella and she still seeks him. Well… I just can’t help thinking that if she can be so strong, even when she screams in pain cause her heart is broken she’s still waiting. She is still there wishing for him to come back. – Now the thing is that all this is just a movie, or well a book if I should be completely correct. Life on the other hand is not like a movie, life is not a fairytale. So I won’t act even though I so deeply want to. When I walked from the cinema to the bus stop I felt the pain I so strongly try to reject. I can’t reject it anymore. It’s time for it to just let it be there till’ its gone or fixed. oh well…

Tomorrow I will write a movie review cause that is a must on this movie! But for now… I’ll just sit back and listen to “Lykke li – Possibility” on repeat till’ I can sleep. Maybe tonight I’ll sleep well… maybe



I want to begin with some kudos to myself; Kudos for not writing what I really want in those texts today. Kudos to the fact that I can keep telling myself ‘I won’t be the one to return, first‘. What a happy day for kudos! Do you by the way know that feeling when you just have to listen to the same song over and over again all day long? I’ve had that feeling today. I’ve listened to this song so many times today;