The very first day of the year. Quite a gloomy rainy day here in Copenhagen actually. I’ve been thinking about lists. You know those “This year I will do…” lists. When I was younger I used to do them. I think my brain still wants to do it. But I can’t help but think why is it we wait for a new year to create these lists? Is it a tiny push that we all need? None the less I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to do this year. But what happens if I don’t do them? Will there be consequences? No, I don’t think so. With that said I will post my “bucketlist” here. It isn’t that long and I don’t think it’s filled with goals that may seem out of reach. I believe I’ll manage to fulfill this, hopefully I will and if I don’t well… meh. Then I don’t and there will be no harm done. But I darn well will try!
If you have any lists as well please link them in a comment below I’d love to read them


This year I would like to:


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