Two days turned into twenty days

Yeah… I was a busy bee with the exam project and then I had so many things and I just couldn’t fit blogging in. In about three weeks I’ll have my first exam and that is going to occupy me once again. My last exam is going to be the 21st OF JUNE  -.-  So that’s two months of intensive studying, studying and some more studying! I am also in the midst of trying to decide what to study at UNI and if I want to go this year or the next? So many options and I can be so indecisive sometimes… meh

Right now I am off school since its Easter. Oh yeah HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE
As I was saying I am off this week and I’ve had a friend over for a couple of days and it’s been cozy. Tonight I’m going out to celebrate a friends birthday it’s going to be wonderful! I actually also have another birthday party to attend to this Sunday, what a nice weekend really! Best part must be that i’m off Monday as well. Who likes Mondays!? No one I’d say… To mention one of those completely annoying “I’ll talk about this when there’s nothing else to say” kinda topics; HAVE YOU NOTICED THE EXTREMELY NICE WEATHER?!?! I certainly have and I am loving it. I have missed the sun and the heat so much. Not that 15 degrees is that warm but it sure as hell beats 5 degrees for sure. And yeah its a clichy thing to mention but I was just getting so fed up with the cold and the snow weren’t you?

I was also out shopping with my mom last week. (I have the best mom by the way!) And I got three pairs of pants, a skirt, a shirt/top thingy and treggings? (That name really humors me for some reason….) Now that I mention my mom then it was to her place I went those twenty days ago and it was so nice to be there and to sit outside in the garden and study and also to see my cats again! I miss those two beasts ♥ I do hope that all of you have had a great couple of weeks and have enjoyed the sun! xx

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