This Week’s: I Hate It When…

Okay since I have been a little absent from my blog (which I explained in another post) I have skipped a week of ‘I hate it when…’ Sorry!! But here it is again folks;

1. I out of boredom try to see how gross my hand can look if I stretch it weirdly and then I laugh like a maniac cause it looks so retarded. Seriously it looks gross it gives me the creeps haha!
2. I wake up in the middle of the night and decide I can’t sleep anymore
3. I have to pee in public bathrooms. Yup I’m iffy!! But is there anything worse than public bathrooms?
4. My hair gets all tangled in my coats button… WHY hair why!?
5. I in the morning stumble out of bed and hit my toe on my table FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THAT HURTS
6. I am running late and I go to get my shoes and then a huge spider is on them :<
7. I pour myself a glass of coke zero and the foam starts to overfloat.. (just great)
9. I catch myself in getting over excited about the fact that our laundry room has gotten a brand new washing machine. When did I get old!?
9. I sit down to surf the web and then my internet at that very moment decides not to work
10. I then go to watch some TV and then “Prime” is on one channel which is a movie about love and breaking up (two days after my break-up)
11. I then switch channel to get “The Break Up” with Jennifer Aniston thrown in my face. Thank you universe as if I didn’t know!? It’s like my internet died just to show me those movies.. (sigh)
12. I catch myself in sniffing the new Ikea catalogue that came with the mail earlier. Why does some catalogues always smell really nice?
13.  I am shivering cause its so cold but I am way too lazy to go and close the window
14. I get told I shouldn’t worry over something yet a couple of days later I am proved I was right
15. I dye my hair and I forget to shake the bottle and then wonder why it doesn’t look ‘right’ haha.


I’m looking forward to read if YOU guys had any fun/annoying/silly moments this week.
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