Some thoughts drive me crazy

I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to share these thoughts with you dear readers. But I would really like to hear someone else opinion than my own on them.

Lately I’ve been a little down and it opened up a part of me I thought I had handled. I obviously hadn’t. I miss my ex and I want to write him and tell him all that, but I’m scared of the outcome. Also I find it to be a selfish act from my part when I know he has moved on with a new girl. And I know since he has moved on he is very likely not to have any feelings for me. I do believe he cares about me though, but I don’t think there’s any feelings left unfortunately. I also don’t think it will do any good for him if I write him and I don’t want to cause him any harm at all. But I really miss him and I still have some feelings for him. So here it is… Should I just keep it to myself (and to you dear readers) or should I contact him and tell him? I’ve also lately asked around for him but at the times I have asked he luckily hasn’t been around. (And I say luckily cause I’m still not sure what to do)

If you have any opinions, please do share ๐Ÿ™‚


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