Saturday morning at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen

nectarines, blood oranges, oranges, plums and mangos at torvehallerne cph

Today Matt and I got up at early to head to Torvehallerne (a lovely market in Copenhagen) before it’d get too crowded. Covid-19 is still here and we definitely try to plan our days a bit more ‘responsibly’. Saturdays in the city are usually busy, especially at Torvehallerne as it is a very popular place. So we were there 15 minutes before they officially opened.

There were still quite a few people but nothing compared to what it would look like midday on a Saturday! Torvehallerne are not a particular cheap place to get produce, not that it is super expensive either. I guess it just depends what you buy. We love the butchers, cheese shops and fish mongers they’ve got. And the small fruit and veg markets outside also have loads of great things. I guess it’s sort of like a fancy farmer’s market.

So anyway we got loads of goodies for this months meals. We like to semi-plan ahead a bit, and the last year ish we’ve fx only bought minced beef from butchers instead of buying it from grocery stores, and honestly there is SUCH a difference in flavor. We think it’s worth throwing a bit of extra money towards it at least. A part from milling about Torvehallerne we also went to Østerlandsk thehus to get Matt some more tea. Matt is a “true Brit” 😂 meaning he loves to drink tea, and as he was running out (we can’t have that!) I told him about Østerlandsk Thehus which is literally right next to Torvehallerne.

It was a great Saturday morning. I love hanging out with my Matt ❤️

fruit market in copenhagen at torvehallerne march 2021

Matt got loads of grapes and plums

fresh red grapes from Peru 2021

Lovely sweet grapes from Peru

Matt picking some fresh plums at torvehallerne in copenhagen

Matt picking out the best plums

standing in line to slagter lund in torvehallerne march 2021

Ever since Covid-19 Torvehallerne has gotten a new queue system. Honestly think it works better than before as there’s not so much space anyway

fresh minced beef meat from slagter lund

2kg minced beef for the freezer


Pork tenderloin for a ‘pork stroganoff’

raw tuna steaks from torvehallerne 2021

Tuna steaks 😍

raw plaice filets from den grønne kutter 2021

Plaice ready for panko

thybo ost and västerbotten ost from torvehallerne

I kinda got Matt hooked on these two. My all time favorite cheese is the swedish Västerbottenost to the right. It’s a Danish ‘Thybo’ to the left

Østerlandsk thehus scottish breakfast tea 2021
lauras bakery ciabatta bread


See you later this month Torvehallerne 😄

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