My 20th Birthday

My 20th birthday was almost two months ago by now but back then I didn’t have my blog up and running and I kinda just forgot all about posting some pictures from it. As I’ve said it before better late then never! My birthday was/is the 9th of October and it was a school day so I woke up and got sung a Happy Birthday song to me by my mom, its a thing she always does and then i went to school. Passed round some cake and I generally had a great day! After school my best friend DJ came by my house and we had some cake and just chatted, was really cozy! For dinner Mathilde, DJ and I went to Hard Rock Café to eat and get drinks and for the evening I had reserved some tables at a bar where me and some friends then went to drink ;D

Bday cakeBirthday Cake without the flags and candles..

mathilde at hard rockMathilde figuring out what to eat

mojitos and daquiries at hard rock café copenhagenCHEEERS! Mojito and Daiquiri’s <3


mathilde at hard rock café copenhagenFood is good, YEAH! Thilde<3

hard rock café copenhagenSinging waiters and….

hard rock café copenhagen 2… FREE DESSERT!


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