Monday Mumbles


01. Last week I had my first meeting with my BA advisor. I think it went well, I got an idea of what to try and focus on and how to start. It kinda does feel like a really hard task to begin researching for my paper, but it’s something I began properly yesterday. Baby steps!

02. In other exciting news; Last Wednesday I had a dentist appointment. It had been almost 1,5 years since my last appointment. I normally never let more than a year go by between appointments. However, my last appointment was supposed to be in the start of June and that was when Richard passed away so I didn’t really want to go to the dentist at that time. Anyway, it went well I had no holes!

03. On Friday I am going to a stand-up show with Maiken. I honestly can’t wait. I have actually never been to a stand-up show… Perhaps this will get more going some more? It’s a Danish duo named Adam & Noah and they basically just make fun of us danes. They have a youtube channel which is what sort of got them started. I’m so excited! ?

04. I decided last Friday to get a haircut. Last haircut was last August in England, and my hair really needed a cut. I actually took 10-12 cm off ?


(Photo credit: Stocksnap)


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