Celebrating my mom’s Birthday

mors 56 års fødselsdag kage

My mom invited me and Matt, my grandma and her husband over for brunch to celebrate her 56th Birthday last Friday. Unfortunately Matt couldn’t come as he was working. However, I of course went to celebrate my mama and it was super cozy. The food was as always really yummy too. It was a perfect brunch with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, fruit and other goodies (more photos below).

Happy Birthday mama, I love you ❤️

byggeplads ny ellebjerg

View of the new metro site at Ny Ellebjerg – waiting for the train to arrive

soldrød centeret 2019 mors 56 års fødselsdag brunch
mors 56 års fødselsdag frugt
mors 56 års fødselsdag brunch æg bacon
mors 56 års fødselsdag lækker kage
Mor og mormor på mors 56 års fødselsdag

My mom and grandma ❤️



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