Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate.

One of the TV channels here in Denmark { tv3 to be precise} is airing four episodes of SATC each night from 10pm. Being a huge SATC “fan” I’m very pleased that they’re showing them again. I have loved SATC for many many years and there is something nostalgic about watching it from an actual TV channel, probably because it reminds me of when I was in my early teens. {¬†Man do I feel old being able to say that¬†} However, one thing that I did not miss are the commercial breaks…. So I decided to go against the whole nostalgicy’ feeling and picked up Season Three of SATC and shoved it on my Blu Ray player. I can watch this show all day and all night, over and over again. It’s not many TV-Shows I want to re-watch but this is most certainly one of them.


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