Chop chop chop

Last time I had short hair I was six or seven years old and it was not my decision but my moms! Ever since I’ve always had long hair. Long hair is just part of who I am, until now. I can’t believe how much I actually love having shorter hair, maybe it’s cause it’s less warm during these heat waves. Or maybe it’s the change? I think it suits me pretty darn well, oh and showering is like a lot faster! So is drying my hair. Perks!

I’m not sure I will keep my short hair the year out though. I’d like to have long hair around winter time, but perhaps next summer I’ll chop it again. Oh by the way I am telling you I was shit scared! I honestly was. I know it’s silly but oh how I loved my long hair. Almost 30 cm came off my head. I felt a bit naked sitting in the salon but I knew it was “just” hair and it would grow out again. Besides I was very happy with the result. I am still very happy! Change can be great sometimes. Most of my friends have been like *jaw dropped* because they did not see it coming. I didn’t even see it coming. It was a pretty fast decision. Anyway, enough dillydally. Here are some photos of my new locks:


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