• theenglishfamily christmas 2017

    Happy New Year

    I just wanted to do a quick little drive-by on my blog today and wish everyone a very happy new year! I’ve come down with the flu and I am not f...

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  • Christmas table in bollington 2016

    Christmas In England

    Last Christmas (I gave you my heaaart) I went to England to be with Matt and his family. Christmas in England is somewhat different to Christmas in De...

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  • at kath and scott's wedding outside the church bride and groom

    An English Wedding

    In the middle of my exams I had accepted an invitation to Matt’s aunt’s wedding. Although I felt a little overwhelmed with exams, and sort...

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  • Back In Macclesfield

    At the end of the road The last stop (August 6th 2015) on the roadtrip was back in Macclesfield, where we set off too. We left Champneys after lunch t...

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