June, 2016.

June was a very busy month for me. I had a lot of exams, constantly and I was very overwhelmed. I also went to England for one weekend to attend Matt’s aunts wedding. A decision I am very glad I made, because it was a wonderful weekend. I was really doubting whether or not to attend due to all my exams. I also met up with my friend Katrina, and I prepared some photos for my roomie-hunt.


My living-room <3

leah salazar and matthew ross at wedding

Matt and I at his aunts wedding


We went with Matt’s family to a local restaurant that serves Scandinavian food (mostly Swedish food to be honest)


Swedish meatballs!

Mushroom toast for dinner at Salt Bar macclesfield
chocolate dessert the salt bar macclesfield
ditte text message funny

My friend sent me a text that made me laugh a lot. She basically made a new friend on her way home from work 😀



Had dinner with Katrina at “Souls”


Followed by dessert at Østerberg’s

østerberg is montre



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