April, 2016.

Oh sweet April. This month has been productive. I finished my interviews for my Bachelor thesis and now I am in the midst of putting it all together. In the start of April I also decided that THIS was the year I would get flowers on my balcony. I wasn’t really born with a ‘green thumb’ and flowers normally do not survive long in my house. So far the flowers on the balcony are still fine and they look very pretty (so far…).  I went to the movies once this month to see The Huntsman, it was pretty good but I think I liked the first one more, I’m not sure really. May will be ultra busy. ULTRA. I have to hand in my thesis on the 19th and the day after that I have another exam and it basically continues until the end of June. Anyway, here’s a few photos from this month.


I spent one of my giftcards on a MAC x Charlotte Olympia lipstick


Early in April I met some friends from my old UNI


Went sightseeing a bit with Matt


Also went to this beautiful cemetery to see some of the trees blooming


I went to a little mini-market at Østerbro


Tony Moly launched in Sephora and I went to try a few things


I went to my sister’s confirmation (and took some photos of her)


Went to the mall Rødovre centrum with my mom


Followed by dinner at my place


Had a lovely walk in a park on Amager


Also had a walk on the beach (yay for warmer weather)


Things I’ve thought about:

» That it’s almost been a year since my boyfriend passed away

» And how stressed I’m starting to become due to so many exams


Tips, faves and discoveries

» Absolutely love ‘Crossy Roads‘  Disney version! 

» Really loving Tony Moly’s sheet masks, I’m so pleasantly surprised.

» I discovered this new juice the other day which I’ve been loooving


I hope you’ve had a lovely April  

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