February, 2016.

February has been a mix of being slow and busy. It’s been nice to be back at UNI although it seems a little overwhelming to start researching on my Bachelor paper. It’s hard actually, challenging to say the least. I’ve missed a few classes but I have put energy on the BA paper at least. This month I also went to the movies twice. I saw Deadpool and Zootropolis! Both of which I loved. This month I also met Kat Von D, that was kinda cool to see her up close; she’s really pretty. I also got a new mat for my tiny hallway (yay for new interior purchases!). It’s just a black mat, pretty boring really but practical and it was quite cheap too! Oh I also got BEYONCE TICKETS!!!! She’s visiting Copenhagen on July 24th, I can’t wait! February has been a good month, a quiet month with a lot of focus on structuring my BA paper. Oh and as you may be able to tell I’ve gotten really into blogging again, which is good (I think?).


Standing in line to meet Kat Von D!


Maiken and I at “Adam & Noah” stand up show (5ft feb)


I picked up the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita 2. I love it!!


I got a bouquet of my favorite flowers for Valentines


I went to a gallery opening with my friend Katrina


Bought this lotion because it wasn’t too pricey and I just needed something. So far it’s alright, but I definitely prefer Origins.


Had a meeting with my godmom here (she’s sort of part of my BA thesis. As in; I am going to interview her, and some others later on)


Went to my mom’s boyfriend’s sister’s Birthday (mom and her on the photo)


Things I’ve thought about:

» Sometimes it sort of hits me how beautiful Copenhagen is. I’ve lived here all my life basically
but sometimes it’s like I see it from a whole new perspective. I love this city!

» I had a ‘war’ inside my head about getting an IUD or not. I’ve made an appointment for July.
This gives me some more time to think about it!

» Whether or not I can pack my winter boots away… Will there be more snow?


Tips, faves and discoveries

» I basically binge watched ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ this month.

» I re-discovered “ostehaps” which I loved as a kid.

» Been listening to Enya’s new album a lot. Love “The Humming…” and “Echoes in Rain”!


I hope you’ve had a good February ?


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