May, 2017.

Sorry May, I forgot to make a post about you. I was really busy in May. I had a lot of exams, and I was just very very busy. My grandma also turned 80! And she had booked a room for lunch at a really nice café in Frederikssund. I did meet up with some friends to watch some movies at the cinema. Anywho, here is my May in a few snapshots.

Went to a ‘basic course’ at the place i volunteer

The meeting room

Tried the brand new 5C bus line

Dinner at my balcony with Bae<3

One of my favorite nail polishes

A little walk after our sit-in exam

The beeeeest chocolate cake

And the best cheesecake

Lunch break during our project/group work

Visited my grandma and brought some cake(s)

At my grandma’s Bday party

Celebrated the fact the group project was done!


I hope you’ve had a great May ❤️

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